Can you remove HEALI Tape when the tape is wet?

No. You should always remove HEALI Tape in a dry state

Is HEALI Tape Pro latex free?

Yes it is.

What is HEALI Tape Pro made from?

Synthetic silk that is elastic, breathable and moisture wicking

Should i feel something?

Some people feel a tingle from the menthol, and some people don’t, and that’s ok. The tape can still work even if you don’t feel a tingle. For most people, it takes 1-2 hours after applying the tape to start to feel some results. Rubbing the tape after application helps. Remember, Menthol and Magnesium will be re-activated when wet (ie. Shower, Sweat) (If you want to feel the tingle, consider doubling up on strips in the area, without overlapping the tape. **If this is your first time using Heali Tape, only use one strip for the first 24hours).

What should i do if i have long body hair?

Applying kinesiology tape over long body hair is not recommended as it can pull the hair with movement and create some minor discomfort. For best results and comfort trim or shave long body hair before applying HEALI Tape.

Has HEALI Tape been tested?

Heali Tape has been tested by an independent Canadian company. *Heavy Metals: Tested by an Independent Canadian 3rd Party to ensure Heali Tape is SAFE ​*MicroBiology: Tested by Independent Canadian 3rd Party to ensure Heali Tape is SAFE *Skin Irritation: Heali Tape tested and passed for having minimal skin irritation, minimal reactions and minimal sensitivities to the tape *Tape Adhesion: Heali Tape tested and passed for strong/excellent adhesive qualities.

What if the tape is too long?

Cut the tape to the desired length or width. Round any corners to help prevent peeling/curling so that tape ends don’t catch.

Do i have to wear the tape for 4-7 days?

The tape can be removed at any point – please see removing tape section on the website for tips to help make removal easier.

Is it ok to remove tape in the shower?

For best results, avoid removing tape in the shower. Please see removing tape section on the website.

What are best tips for applying tape?

For best results apply the tape one hour prior to activity. Immediately rub the tape to activate its ingredients. Try and avoid taping over sensitive areas like the back of the knee or front of the elbow. Plan your tape application – you do not want to have to peel off and re-stick. If you must peel and re-stick, use a new piece of tape for best results. Stop stretching tape when you reach the anchor zones (last 2 inches/5 cm of tape). If you are using more than one piece of tape, avoid layering tape except where required. This will help improve the stick.

Can anyone use HEALI Tape?

Heali tape is safe for ages 12 and up and is good for almost anyone at any level of activity. Please review precautions on website.

Can I use heating pads or ice or other creams on top of HEALI Tape?

No. Please remove tape first.

What about wearing HEALI Tape over peeling or very dry skin?

Heali Tape should not be applied over any open wounds. If Heali Tape is applied over extremely dry or peeling skin, a slight itchy sensation might be felt under the tape. If this occurs, wear Heali Tape for a shorter time period. Exfoliating dry area or moisturizing the day before the tape application might help. (For best stick, apply tape to a clean dry area free of oil and creams).

Why is taking magnesium transdermally (through the skin) beneficial?

Magnesium has many amazing aspects that can help the body. Please review the website to learn more about magnesium and how it can work. Did you know? Transdermal absorption of magnesium in comparison to oral application is presented as being more effective due to increased absorption and for having fewer side effects (due to the fact that transdermal magnesium bypasses the gastrointestinal tract). Please see research link on our website for more scientific information. (Watkins K., Josling P.D. A pilot study to determine the impact of transdermal magnesium treatment on serum levels and whole body CaMg ratios. Nutr. Pract. 2010;14:1–7, Sircus M. Transdermal Magnesium Therapy: A New Modality for the Maintenance of Health. 2nd ed. iUniverse; Bloomington, Indiana: 2011. 356p, Uwe Gröber, Tanja Werner, Jürgen Vormann, Klaus Kisters: Myth or Reality—Transdermal Magnesium? Nutrients. 2017 Aug; 9(8): 813.)

Why is heali tape pro infused with menthol and magnesium?

Many different ingredients were infused and tested by Heali Medical for the best, most effective and safest results before deciding on Menthol and Magnesium for Pain Relief and Faster Recovery. Menthol and Magnesium are well known for their amazing benefits. They have been around for a very long time and are trusted, safe and reliable. Additionally, Menthol and Magnesium are Synergistic: That means they work better together - they absorb/penetrate into the skin more effectively

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