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Endorsed by leading healthcare professionals:
Bahram Jam
PhD, MPhty, BScPT, Cred. MDT, FCAMT

I rarely endorse any products, but I really like this particular tape called HEALI Tape. It is latex free, has a strong adhesive, and pre-cut, but what I like the most about is that it is infused with magnesium & menthol.

Bill Burgos
NBA Strength Coach

Heali Tape has been a game-changer for my athlete's training sessions! As an experienced Strength and Conditioning Coach for the NBA, MLB, and Universities, I have trained ELITE athletes to prepare them to prevent injuries and perform their best in back-to-back games. HEALI tape has been instrumental. HEALI can help with flexibility to help prevent injuries from occurring and can help support joints and muscles during games and workouts. I also love using HEALI as a recovery tool to help muscles recover after a training session or a big game. It's Informed-Sport Certified, so it's safe for high-level athletics, and having the Magnesium and Menthol combined is what makes all the difference.

Dr. Carrie Anne Gallagher

For years I have been looking for a Natural product to help with Pain Relief for my patients, friends and family. I have tried many different Kinesiology Tapes, supplements and creams but HEALI Tape really stands out with its unique blend of Magnesium and Menthol. The cooling effect is almost instant and really helps to offer immediate relief. My patients finally have a tool they can use easily on their own to keep them active and Pain Free.

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Best Kinesiology Tape Online

All athletes who strive to push the bar to the limit know one thing for sure – that perseverance and passion are needed to make a difference, but can go hand in hand with injury and pain. As an athlete, compromise is never an option and it is important to look for trustworthy remedies and the best quality products.

HEALI Tape is a Therapeutic Kinesiology Tape that has been created by healthcare practitioners who have combined their years of knowledge, cutting edge science and an innate desire to make a difference. Heali Tape is a product that helps you get back to doing what you love faster by offering stability, pain relief & faster recovery.

Heali Tape is here to support you. Heali Tape has 9 different fashionable designs and our verified products can be referred to as Muscle Tape, Sports Tape or Kinesio Tape. Heali Tape can be placed on different areas of the body such as the neck, back, knees, feet, hamstrings, elbows, arms, shoulders and many other areas that can be a source of pain. HEALI Kinesiology Tape is easy to apply and can be positioned along your tissues, ligaments & muscles to give you that extra support and comfort during your run or any other sports exercise you undertake.

Heali Tape is often known as a sports injury recovery tape but can also be used as a prevention to help an injury from occurring. Whether you are looking for stability, support, pain management, faster recovery or just a fashionable accessory – HEALI has got you covered.

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