Dayne Gingrich

Professional Pickleball Player and Coach

Meet Dayne Gingrich, a pickleball pro sponsored by Electrum Pickleball, celebrated for his senior pro circuit victories and strategic prowess. With an impressive background in tennis, Dayne swiftly rose to the 5.0 level upon discovering pickleball, setting the stage for his remarkable journey. He wields the game-changing Electrum Pro Graphite Pickleball Paddle, known for its power, spin, and control, mirroring the precision of a tennis racket. As both a player and coach, Dayne emphasizes controlled aggression, effective transition play, and the importance of mental performance to unlock the true potential of pickleball athletes.

Beyond the court, Dayne is a devoted family man, cherishing his wife and daughter as the driving force behind his continuous growth as a coach and player. His presence in the sport inspires the next generation of players to excel.

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