Pickleball elbow, a rotator cuff injury, and a repetitive strain injury are among the most common injuries pickleball players face.


There are many different ways to deal with pickleball elbow: rest, visit a health care practitioner or try out HEALI tape for support, pain relief, and recovery, both after an injury and when you’re ready to get back into the game. There are various methods to tape up the elbow, it should be tailored to your specific injury. Check out HEALI’s online tutorial on how to tape your elbow: The application of kinesiology tape can sometimes be tricky. There are lots of video tutorials, and health care practitioners to help you, but the best part of HEALI tape is that you just apply it over any sore area, and let the infusion do the rest.

HEALI tape will provide support to the area when you’re engaging in movement, specifically that swinging motion. The infused menthol gives you that icy cool sensation which can cool you down on a hot day. Menthol also provides temporary pain relief to allow you to play your best. Pain. The magnesium aids with flexibility, encouraging muscles to move through a normal range of motion. It can help to prevent injuries and allow you to lunge and reach those far shots with confidence. After engaging in a post-game stretch, apply a new strip or two of HEALI tape to assist in reducing your recovery time by helping to flush lactic acid, and allowing you to play back-to-back games.

Extra support on sore and weak areas of the body can sometimes feel crucial in order to play comfortably and with confidence. HEALI tape provides support to the joints to minimize the risk of strains and sprains. It is great as an added support for the joints as you engage in movements through the normal range of motion.

To take the stress away from an area, like the shoulder, you can use HEALI Tape to support the area while you play. Using HEALI Tape will allow you to move your arm in a wider range of motion, with less pain. The infusion in the tape helps to heal damage in the tendons. Prevention is crucial to avoid missing out on your pickleball games.


The most common pickleball-related injury is the pickleball elbow. Similar to tennis, tendinitis of the elbow is injury pickleball players frequently face. The swinging of the arm motions in various racket sports creates susceptibility to developing tendinitis of the elbow. Tendinitis is inflammation of the muscle from overusing it, which leads to micro-tears in the elbow tendons causing pain and swelling in the area.



Another common injury in the sport of pickleball is a rotator cuff injury. A rotator cuff injury consists of the muscles around the top of your upper arm bone getting damaged. These muscles and tendons can be stressed and overworked easily as a pickleball player. It can result in tendonitis of the shoulder tendons which consequently leads to pain and discomfort in the area. Similar to the cause of pickleball elbow, the constant swinging motion required in the sport can take a toll on the shoulder area.


A repetitive strain injury isn’t foreign in the pickleball world. As a result of repeated movement of a certain area of the body, one can develop an injury. It is commonly experienced in the shoulder, elbow, forearm, knees, hand and wrist. Constant use of the area can damage the muscle and tendons and result in pain. Friction can be created when the tendon rubs against muscles or ligaments and this damaged tendon can restrict the muscle movement. Knots in the muscle can be formed from spasms when engaging in repetitive movement, as a result of excess stress on the muscle it becomes tense.


 HEALI Tape will change the way you play. When you spend less time worrying about the risk, and dealing with the pain, you get to focus on your skill and competition.

Pickleball injuries, pain and stress don’t need to be a usual occurrence on and off the courts.

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