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So, you’ve pulled it or strained it or sprained it or tweaked it, or you're looking for more support. Heali Tape can help you get moving again! Heali Tape was created by both a Chiropractor and a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner and by combining their knowledge they were able to blend the best of both worlds and create a supportive tape infused with a combination of menthol and magnesium. This infusion can help speed up recovery while addressing muscles aches and pains, cramps and spasms and stability. PLEASE READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS before applying tape.

Heali Tape is breathable and can help with pain relief, injury prevention and speeding up recovery times all while looking great!


  • Do not apply heat over the tape (heating pad, dryers)
  • Do not apply other creams over the tape
  • Do not apply tape to wounds or damaged skin
  • Avoid contact with eyes
  • If you are pregnant or breast feeding, have skin sensitivities, cancer, open wounds, deep vein thrombosis (DVT), lymph node removal, diabetes, history of kidney disease or are taking laxatives or other medications with magnesium consult your Medical Doctor before use.
  • Too much magnesium could lead to diarrhea, lethargy, nausea and/or vomiting, muscle weakness and irregular heartbeat.
  • Not to be used in people under the age of 12
  • Must be used only as directed
  • Stop usage if any symptoms or irritation arise- consult with medical doctor
  • Not a replacement for medical care

Important Tips

  • Go about your daily activities such as exercising, showering, sleeping and swimming while wearing your tape
  • For best results apply tape one hour prior to activity
  • Menthol and magnesium will be reactivated when the tape is wet from showering, swimming or sweating – you might feel that menthol tingle!
  • Pat tape dry before putting on clothes
  • If edges of tape start to curl, trim edges to keep tape on longer
  • Avoid taping over sensitive areas like the back of the knee or front of the elbow
  • Plan your tape application – you do not want to have to peel off and re-stick. If you must peel and re-stick use a new piece of tape for best results.

Clean and prepare the skin

  • Wash and dry the area. Consider using rubbing alcohol or exfoliating to improve stick. Lotions, sunscreens and oil can prevent the tape from sticking.
  • If you are applying tape to a hairy area, trimming long hair will result in a better stick.

Plan your application

  • If you do not see a technique that applies to your needs, check out our video section for more techniques.

Apply Tape

  • Start by tearing paper backing in centre of strip. Apply centre of tape to skin. Work from centre towards one end and slowly stretch tape and peel backing as you work from centre outwards adhering tape to skin
  • Tape should be stretched as you apply it. For best results apply 25% -50% stretch.
  • Stop stretching tape when you reach the anchor zones (last 2 inches/5 cm of tape).
  • Repeat application steps to work from centre of tape to the other anchor zone.
  • Immediately rub tape to activate ingredients.
  • If you are using more than one piece of tape, avoid layering tape except where required. Try to make sure anchor zones have direct skin contact. Rub tape to increase adhesion.

Remove Tape

  • Tape can stay on for up to 7 days.
  • Apply oil (like baby oil or olive oil) or lotion on top of the tape to loosen adhesive.
  • Remove the tape slowly by pulling it against itself parallel to the skin. Gently compress your skin will pulling the tape back. Do not pull up. Do not yank.
  • Walk your fingers along your skin as you go.

Common Uses for Heali Tape

Support, pain, tendonitis, strains and sprains

  • Back pain​
  • Leg pain (ITB syndrome, runner’s knee, hamstring strain, calf strain, shin splints)
  • Foot/ankle pain (plantar fasciitis, achilles tendonitis, ankle sprain)
  • Shoulder pain (rotator cuff)
  • Arm/Wrist (golfer’s elbow, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel, wrist sprain)