About Heali Medical

HEALI is a wellness company inspiring a movement to prevent, heal, and rehabilitate with nature’s most powerful ingredients infused directly into our products.

HEALI was founded by two female, accredited, healthcare entrepreneurs who believed in bringing a product to market that married function + style.

HEALI’s innovative products address sports, beauty, skincare, and aging.

What we Stand for


Reinvent the way people treat pain, discomfort, and aging using nature’s ingredients to heal.


Become a world-class wellness brand that inspires people to live healthier by improving the treatment of pain, discomfort, and conditions associated with aging, using naturally infused, all-in-one products that encourage expression and style.

Core Values

Natural wellness, Empowerment, Innovation, Convenience, Trustworthy, Freedom, Accessibility, Function meets Style, Self-expression

Meet The Team

Heather Sloan

Heather trained and practiced as a chiropractor and later spent many years in medical product sales in health care facilities. She is also an active patient using chiropractic, massage and acupuncture treatments to help heal various conditions. Heather has always been very active and has a strong interest in health, sports, and living an active lifestyle. Heather was inspired to create a natural way to help heal injuries quicker. Heather’s goal was to provide temporary pain relief while also continuing to support the body so athletes could continue to train and compete. Heali Tape is the solution to continue leading an active lifestyle while naturally helping speed up the body’s recovery process.

Enwei Li

Li was a TCM practitioner and has always had a passion for design and combining health and beauty. Li’s practice had a strong focus on Chinese Medicine and integrating eastern practices into the western working world. Many of Li’s patients requested a portable solution that had a non-offensive (mild/vanishing) scent - to help them with day to day issues such as back pain, wrist issues and other desk job and work related injuries. Li was inspired to create different natural and stylish options to help teens, adults and the geriatric population. Heali Tape is the solution to help manage pain and healing with tested ancient ingredients while still making sure to look good!

Behind The Name

Founders Heather Sloan and Enwei Li are both healthcare practitioners with almost 30 years of combined health care experience. In addition to Heather’s Chiropractic and Li’s traditional Chinese Medicine training, they also have 15 years of combined experiences for factory sourcing, quality control and importing and distributing products.

Heather & Li

The HEALI Evolution

We are female health care practitioners, working moms and friends who share common interests in health, wellness, fitness and active living. As friends for over 15 years, we have shared patient success stories, innovative healing treatments and health and wellness must-haves. We both have a love for fashion so we often discuss various ways we feel we can improve our health while maintaining a sense of style... function with fashion just seems to make sense.

It was out of these long discussions that HEALI Tape came about! HEALI Tape was our first product and was a necessary innovation to the traditional kinesiology that was on the market. Minor injuries were preventing us, our friends and our clients from doing what we love. Shortly after Heather’s ski injury, she found herself needing a solution for both stability for her knee and pain relief for her muscles. Other sports tapes are excellent for stability but are unable to stay sticky (and remain on the body) with the use of any pain creams. Similarly, Li was becoming frustrated speaking to competitive dancers and basketball players who wanted both injury prevention and the ability to return to sport quicker but could not find an easy-to-use solution.

HEALI is the first tape to contain both Menthol and Magnesium, and therefore derive the benefits of two natural products. Menthol and Magnesium are tested and proven natural healing ingredients that have been well known by health practitioners for years. Menthol provides a cooling sensation that can help with pain relief. Magnesium helps with relaxation, muscle healing and recovery, energy production, decreasing lactic acid, cramps, spasms and so much more. Together, the combination of having Menthol and Magnesium in one product helps both ingredients penetrate the skin better.

Since we launched our original Tape aimed at athletes and the active-minded, we have expanded our product portfolio to include a range of tapes and patches that address conditions in women’s health, general beauty and skincare, as well as conditions associated with aging and general discomfort.

HEALI was born to reinvent the way people treat pain, discomfort, and aging using nature’s ingredients to support and heal while encouraging self expression and style.

Our Manifesto

HEALI is more than just a brand. It's a wellness movement.

We are here to challenge conventional wisdom that pain and discomfort are inevitable and complicated to treat.

We believe that healing is not just about fixing what's broken, but about restoring what's natural.

We believe that nature has the power to heal, and that by infusing natural ingredients directly into our products, we can change the way people view and treat discomfort, pain, rehabilitation, and self-care.

Our products help you recover faster, feel better, and live healthier. We are not satisfied with temporary fixes. We strive for lasting changes.

No matter your age or symptom, we have healing agents designed with you in mind:

  • Whether you are new to living an active lifestyle or are a seasoned athlete;
  • Whether your skin is youthful and flawless or deal with skin overtaken by the signs of aging;
  • Whether you suffer from headaches or general pain or are a woman dealing with pregnancy, period pain or menopause;
  • For people who just want to feel better, HEALI has something for you.

We exist to bring the healing power of nature’s ingredients together with added benefits like support and recovery.

Whether you need relief from muscle soreness, joint pain, inflammation, or general discomfort, or are looking to prevent or treat the signs of aging, HEALI’s use of nature’s most powerful ingredients – like Magnesium, Vitamin E, Collagen, Menthol, Jojoba oil and more, make recovery and rehabilitation convenient, effective, and comfortable.

We are women owned with accredited healthcare backgrounds who are passionate about health, wellness, and innovation.

We are backed by science, research, and expertise.

We are trusted by doctors, holistic practitioners, and other healthcare professionals who share our vision.

We believe in challenging the status quo and adding a dose of style while we’re at it.

We are not just a brand. We are a wellness revolution.

We are HEALI, and we’ve just changed the game.

Are you ready to play?

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