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The Fit Case is your workout on the go. The Fit Case consists of the following items:

  1. 2lb Heali Wrist Weights (x2)
  2. Heali Tape Pre-cut rolls (x2)
  3. Heali Cooling Towel in Silicone Case (x1) (Grey, 30cmx100cm)
  4. Green Heali Ab Sliders (x2)
  5. Heali Lacrosse Ball (x1)
  6. Heali Fabric Resistance/Booty Bands (Set of 3)
  7. Heali Drawstring Bag
  8. Heali Stainless Steel Water Bottle (with a straw lid and a lid with a carrying handle)
  9. Fit Case carton box
  10. Jumping Rope
  11. Latex Heali Resistance Bands/Tube Set
  • 2 Handles
  • Door Stop
  • 5 bands (30lbs/12.1kgs, 25lbs/11.4kgs, 20lbs/9.1kgs, 15lbs/6.8kgs, 10lbs/4.5kgs)
  • Carry Case