Pre-Cut Shape - Shoulder & Hamstring
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Pre-Cut Shape - Shoulder & Hamstring



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  • WHAT ARE HEALI PRE-CUT SHAPES: Heali Pre-Cut Shapes are the first Pre-Cut Shape kinesiology tape on the market infused directly with Magnesium and Menthol providing extra benefits to help with Pain Relief, Faster Recovery and more. EASY TO USE: Heali Pre-Cut Shapes are easy to apply by yourself. The naturally infused tape just needs to be placed over the affected area on the appropriate body part. Watch our videos for more tips on how to apply.
  • MAKE IT STICK: Tape should be applied to a clean – oil and lotion free dry surface. Rub in tape after applying, especially the edges.
  • PRODUCT COUNT: 3 Pre-cut kinesiology tape shoulder & hamstring shapes.
  • QUALITY YOU CAN TRUST: Heali Pre-Cut Shapes are created and trusted by healthcare practitioners. Heali Pre-Cut Shapes have a mild, non-offensive scent and is safe for ages 12 and over. Heali PRO Tape is made from soft, breathable synthetic silk with strong (sticky) adhesive that lasts for 4-7 days.
  • TESTING AND CERTIFICATIONS: Heali Pre-Cut Shapes are latex free, hypoallergenic; 3rd party tested safe. FSA & HSA ELIGIBLE.
  • SCIENCE: Magnesium & Menthol are ancient trusted NATURAL ingredients proven to have many health benefits. Menthol has been commonly used for a long time for temporary pain relief and provides a cooling sensation. Magnesium is a wonder element that helps with so many enzymatic reactions in our body. Magnesium can also help prevent further injuries as well as accelerate healing.
  • COMMON CONDITIONS: Heali Pre-Cut Shapes provide stability, supports muscles and joints and reduces tissue pressure which can help prevent, stabilize and treat many conditions on the appropriate body part