Back pain that comes and goes is referred to as intermittent back pain in medical circles. This type of pain can cause periods of intensely painful low back pain that resolves over the period of a week or two and then recurs weeks, months, or sometimes years later. 

According to a recent study on low back pain, two-thirds of people are likely to experience a recurrence of their back pain within 12 months of the initial incident.

This type of back pain normally recurs in the absence of treatment because the underlying dysfunction has not been addressed. Often this pattern of back pain is due to muscular imbalances which put abnormal strain on the joints in your spine.

A dull, aching back is the hallmark of muscular tension, while sharp, stabbing pain is more typical of spinal joint irritation. Unfortunately, the dull achy pain can lead to more debilitating and acute bouts of low back pain and sharp stabbing pain frequently resolve and recur.

If you have suffered from low back pain in the past, it is a good idea to have your spine assessed to determine if there is an underlying cause that can be addressed. A chiropractor or physio can help prevent future bouts of back pain by addressing joint and muscle dysfunction through treating the muscles, joints and providing postural advice and stretches. Taping your back with Kinesiology tape can be a quick and easy tool to use at home to help relieve some lower back pain and pressure, provide proprioceptive support, and increase circulation to promote the healing process.

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