We are all used to hearing about sprains and strains in the realm of professional sports and athletic pursuits, but the most benign activities can cause similar injuries. Wrist pain is

increasingly common in office environments due to many hours spent typing and using a mouse. These seemingly light-weight activities are the root of many repetitive strain



Wrist pain, as it relates to many office workers, is caused by micro tears in the muscles that move the wrist. Because we seldom get a break from typing and working with our

computers, these micro tears do not have time to heal. Every time we use our computers with suboptimal posture, the same muscles are re-injured leading to a chronic pain in the wrist.


Wrist pain can be debilitating or just a minor irritation and it may or may not be accompanied by numbness and tingling in the fingers. Whatever the character of your discomfort, it is wise to investigate the cause of the problem and address any muscular and postural issues before your condition becomes chronic.


Common treatments for wrist pain involve addressing tension in the muscles involved in wrist

extension and flexion and mobilizing the wrist joint as well as assessing computer posture to ensure there is optimal alignment to avoid excess strain on the wrist muscles. Stretching exercises are also prescribed to relieve any tension and promote healthy healing in muscles that are already strained.


Taping the wrist with Kinesiology Tape can help address the overuse issues that lead to stiffness and pain in the wrist as well as to help some of the swelling. Additionally, Kinesiology tape can help address tendonitis or low grade sprains from both sports injuries or from repetitive work.


Taping brands and language can be confusing and many will hit search engines looking for answers looking up terms like: Muscle Recovery Tape, Medical Muscle Tape, Kinesiology Tape Sports Recovery, Sports Recovery equipment and Injury Prevention and Tape.


If you are looking to buy athletic tape in Canada or in the USA it is helpful to understand what elastic kinesiology tape does and how it is different from other brands. Pre Cut kinesiology Tape is available from most brands and having the strips easy to use makes application much easier.


Latex Free Kinesiology Tape and Breathable Kinesiology Tape are 2 important factors when choosing a brand. Having the Kinesiology tape be both Elastic and Breathable means it can be worn for several days and during exercise, shower and other activities with minimal irritation.


It goes without saying that if you have suffered a wrist injury then seek professional medical attention before attempting any self-treatment – especially if you suspect a broken wrist. How you tape your wrist is very dependent on your particular injury and an understanding of how your injury happened and what is damaged will help guide you in this process.


The goal of wrist taping is to help provide some support and protection to the injured tissues by restricting movement that stress or stretch the injured ligaments or tendons. Wrist taping can also help reduce stresses during activities and is ideal for Grade I or Grade II sprains.


Taping should feel comfortable and not cause increased pain, discoloration, pins and needles, numbness, swelling, itchiness or increased redness of the hands/wrist/fingers.


Heali Tape Pro is an elastic, synthetic silk, breathable “performance fabric” that is latex free and comes complete with pre-cut strips in a beautiful travel case. In addition, Heali Tape Pro also has some healing benefits that NO other Kinesiology Tape on the market has. Heali Tape Pro is the first of its kind to have infused the tape with both Menthol and Magnesium. Together both the Menthol and Magnesium work better (than either ingredient alone) to penetrate through the skin and provide benefits that can help with pain relief, healing and faster recovery.


Heali Tape is 3rd party tested safe and is both FDA and Health Canada approved – making it the best and most natural choice to help with your injury.