Sports Tape was developed in the 1970’s, though became popular worldwide after the 2008 Summer Olympics when we saw it in action on so many professional athletes. This tape mimics the elasticity of our skin and can be beneficial for so many reasons. 

Sports Tape serves a multitude of purposes for a variety of individuals, most commonly we see it in the sports world among athletes. The sports world is forever evolving, and always popping up with new trendy methods to enhance their performance, recover quicker, or train better.

Sports Tape is one of those trends that remained in the sports world and proved itself to be effective over the course of time. In the gym, at the arena, or even at the Olympics we are seeing Sports Tape all over, below is a list of how it has benefited athletes in various ways.

  1. Pain Reduction: Sports Tape can be applied to decrease pain by lifting the skin gently up to allow for more room to improve blood circulation and reduce swelling on specific areas of the body. 
  2. Muscle Support: Through proper taping methods, Sports Tape can act as a support to weak muscles and help improve its efficiency through reducing muscle pain, muscle fatigue, or over-extension/over-contraction. 
  3. Improved Performance: Sports Tape can act as a support to unstable joints and to fatigued muscles, this support allows for higher performance from the athlete. The benefit to Sports Taping compared to other support tools is that it is used to train the body to be independent rather than act as a total support. 
  4. Injury Prevention: In terms of prevention, Sports Tape is used to gently lift the skin up to allow for an increase in blood circulation. This increase in circulation helps to prevent injury, fatigue, or pain during the athlete’s performance. 
  5. Rehabilitation: Sports Tape can be used as a remedy to previous injuries and getting the body healed to its pre-injury state. Through using sports tape to gently lift the skin up, it enables for an increase in blood circulation at the injury site, which reduces swelling and pain reduction. By reducing these symptoms, the athlete can slowly return to regular activities and competition.
  6. Fascial Line Support: Body parts are connected by a continuous sheet of tissue called fascia. Sports Tape can be applied across fascial lines to help influence the structures that live under the skin in that particular area. Applying Sports Tape across fascial lines can help to improve range of motion for the athlete in addition to reducing pain. 

These benefits are only some of the benefits seen with Sports Tape. Although Sports Tape is relatively new to the sports world it has truly become a tool that many athletes use to better themselves and their performance. Before using Sports Tape, it is best to educate yourself on the proper taping methods. Consulting with a medical or holistic practitioner to ensure you are targeting the correct location and getting the maximum benefits from taping can be very helpful. 

Heali Tape Pro has added benefits compared to regular Sports Tape. Heali Tape is the first Sports Tape to the market that is infused  with Magnesium and Menthol providing additional Pain relief and Faster recovery. Heali Tape Pro is easy to apply, and you don’t need to stress about getting the perfect application.

If you have a friend, partner or professional to help apply Heali Tape Pro then this is a bonus. If not, don't worry. When applying, ensure to allow for full range of motion and don’t tape over sensitive areas like the back of hamstrings or elbow creases. Placing Heali Tape Pro over sore muscles in any way will allow the infused Magnesium and Menthol to activate, providing pain relief and helping speed up recovery.