A normal golf swing requires the body to have a balance between four core components: mobility, stability, strength and power.

An optimal golf swing requires flexibility, strength and speed in the muscles that are at work during your swing. Your core muscles are working to twist your torso while upper back, shoulder, forearm and wrist muscles are recruited during your downswing. These muscles must work together to create the optimal swing.

You can clearly see that a simple golf swing actually involves very complex and coordinated movements. Many factors can contribute to possible injuries such as flawed swing mechanics, tight muscles, incorrect grips and overuse. This is not to mention that repetitive movements like a golf swing can often put stresses on muscles, tendons and joints leading to overuse injuries.

We all know how imperative it is to make the time for proper stretching, strengthening and good posture both on and off the course to help prevent injuries from occurring. Squeezing a round in on the golf course often goes hand in hand with juggling some down time with a busy life and a hopeful attitude that the body will co-operate to earn you leaderboard status.

HEALI TAPE PRO might just have the solution. So what exactly is Heali Tape?

Heali Tape Pro is a Breathable, Latex Free, Hypoallergenic, Elastic Kinesiology Tape. Heali Tape is easy and quick to apply and since it is infused with Menthol and Magnesium it can help with stiffness and soreness both on and off the course. Similar to other types of athletic tape, Heali Tape can help offer stability to injured areas in the body. Where Heali Tape excels and differs is with its unique infused ingredients which can not only help offer pain relief but also help promote faster recovery.

Common Golf Injuries (described in more detail below) where Heali Tape Pro might help include: Back Pain, Tendinitis in the Elbow, Knee Pain, Shoulder injuries, Wrist injuries, Neck Injuries and Foot and ankle injuries.

For more information on best taping practices download the PDF instructions to help (See Taping Instructions)

BACK and NECK - Golfers spend a considerable amount of time continuously bending their neck and low back and repeating the same movements over and over again. The rotational stresses of your golf swing can place considerable pressure on the spine and associated muscles.

ELBOW and WRIST Repetitive motion of swinging a golf club can lead to tendonitis of either the elbow or wrist. Aging, improper mechanics and repetitive movements (like swinging a golf club) can accelerate these types of injuries.

(For the elbow, it is common to see an injury to the tendon on either the inside or the outside of the elbow).


KNEE and SHOULDERAs the swing starts and the hip begins to rotate, there are increased stresses that get placed on the knee which can lead to pain and injury.

Shoulder pain/injuries might be the result of a bad golf swing or simply from overuse leading to issues such as tendinitis, bursitis or rotator cuff tears.

Heali Medical’s Kinesiology tape for athletes (or for anyone looking to stay active) can be worn to help with injuries or weak areas. In addition, it can be worn as a preventative allowing you to golf throughout the day with ease. It’s never been easier to buy athletic tape in Canada or in the US with Heali’s direct to consumer options like Amazon.ca, Amazon.com and Heali Medical’s own online shop