Heather and Li

We are health care practitioners, working moms and friends who share common interests in health, wellness, fitness and active living. As friends for over 15 years, we have shared patient success stories, innovative healing treatments and health and wellness must-haves. We both have a fondness for fashion so often discuss various ways we feel we can improve our health while maintaining a sense of style....function with fashion just seems to make good sense.

It was out of these long discussions that HEALI Tape came about!

HEALI Tape is our first HEALI product and was created out of necessity. Minor injuries were preventing us, our friends and clients from doing what we love. Shortly after Heather’s ski injury, she found herself needing a solution for both stability for her knee and pain relief for her muscles. Other sports tapes are excellent for stability but unable to stay sticky (and remain on the body) with the use of any pain creams. Similarly, Li was becoming frustrated speaking to competitive dancers and basketball players who wanted both injury prevention and the ability to return to sport quicker, but could not find an easy to use solution.

HEALI is the first tape to contain both Menthol and Magnesium, and therefore derive the benefits of two natural products. Menthol and Magnesium are tested and proven natural healing ingredients that have been well known by health practitioners for years. Menthol provides a cooling sensation that can help with pain relief. Magnesium helps with relaxation, muscle healing and recovery, energy production, decreasing lactic acid, cramps, spasms and so much more. Together, the combination of having Menthol and Magnesium in one product helps both ingredients penetrate the skin better.