HEALI Founders Heather Sloan and Enwei Li were excited to join Jess from the YogiTriathlete Podcast to talk about all things HEALI Tape. Read the show description below and click here to listen to the episode!

Today we’re excited to be joined by two female entrepreneurs who are assisting athletes in feeling better in their bodies, which, as we all know, has such an impact on our minds. Heather Sloan and Enwei Li are healthcare practitioners, friends, and working moms with almost 30 years of combined healthcare experience. In their over 15-year friendship, they have shared many patient success stories, methods of healing, and wellness go-tos. From their experience with injury coupled with assisting their athlete clients with injury prevention and healing, they kept running into a wall when it came to being mobile and healing simultaneously. They became frustrated with the gap in the healthcare products market, and out of this came Heali, the first-ever tape that offers pain relief, recovery, and support at the same time. Addressing an untapped market area, these ladies won over the investors on Dragon’s Den and walked away with a deal. Beej and I have been using this tape since November. Our athletes on Team YogiTriathlete are also using it, and we couldn’t wait to get these ladies onto the show so that more and more athletes can experience the support and recovery we have been experiencing over these last few months. The product is impressive, but we want to shine a light on the women behind the offering because knowing who we are supporting is just as important as the support this product offers us all. Thank you for tuning in! In this episode, we discuss:

  • Background of Heali
  • So stylish you may even want to fake an injury
  • Turning inspiration into action
  • Biggest roadblocks in the development of the product
  • Creating the winning formula
  • Keys to the success of a partnership
  • Dragon’s Den experience
  • Why menthol and magnesium
  • How it works
  • Importance of mobility in recovery and injury prevention
  • Confident movement
  • Easy application
  • Empowering athletes to take ownership of our health
  • Vision for the future of Heali Medical

Enjoy the episode!

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