We are thrilled to share that we were recently featured in an article from BOLD Journey. The article introduces Heather Sloan and En Wei Li, the visionaries behind HEALI, and delves into their journey and the company's mission to empower people to care for themselves naturally and stylishly. If you're curious to learn more about HEALI and the driving forces behind this exciting venture, read the full article on BOLD Journey!

In the article, Heather and Li share insights on the three essential qualities that have helped HEALI thrive in the competitive world of wellness and healthcare. She emphasizes the importance of strategic partnerships, conservative spending, and maintaining a positive attitude. Additionally, Heather highlights the significance of having great advisors to guide you through the journey of entrepreneurship, offering invaluable insights and minimizing mistakes.

Heather and Li’s journey, inspired by a strong work ethic and unwavering family support, is a testament to their dedication and passion for creating innovative, natural wellness solutions. To discover more about HEALI and Heather's inspirational story, read the full article on BOLD Journey. Don't miss out on the opportunity to learn from their journey and be inspired to embark on your path to wellness and success. Read the full article here!

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